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Customization of your patio cover has come a long way in the last year or so. Just a quick mention here of choices you have when you’ve decided to install an open lattice style of patio cover.

50-50 coverage used to be the mantra… Half shade and half sun. The square tubes that ran the width of your patio cover were one-and-a-half inches square, and we’re placed one-and-a-half inches apart. A nice look, to be sure, but after quite a few years perhaps a little dated. Not long ago, the manufactures listened to customers’ requests for a slightly beefier look and began offering a two-inch square tube. Equal spacing was still the norm, so these tubes are places two inches apart as well. Please note that all the base structure of posts, rafters, headers, etc. remain the same… Just the top portion is getting tweaked here.

People like choices, of course, and the new look was successful. The next logistical step would be to offer three inch square tubes… bigger is better, right? Not so much. Three inches tall just looked too blocky, and three inches between the tubes let in too much sun. From below, however, the bigger perspective looked nice, especially when paired with a double header / double rafter design. Putting all that information together led to the third and final (thus far) option… the three-inch wide by two-inch tall lattice tubes spaced two inches apart. This has become very popular. Still regular, but with a little bit of flair and a tad more coverage.

The basic trend seems to be small cover / small tubes and follow the logical progression up to the largest options. But it’s your house, your yard and your project…

You make the choices and we’ll build it just the way you want it!

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