Is financing available?
Yes. We provide options of 3, 6, or 12-months same as case financing. Signature loans are also available with rates as low as 7%.
Can I walk on the patio covers?
The covers are not designed to hold that much weight in a small area. We do offer an 3" insulated cover for $5.00 per square foot more that can be walked on. That cover can be trimmed out in alumawood, giving it much the same appearance.
Can a cover be attached to the overhang on my house?
Typically, yes. There is a limit to how much overhang is allowed due to wind forces. Usually the fascia can be trimmed to allow us to attach to the house wall.
How about a hammock? Can I hang one of those?
We don't recommend that you attach a hammock because the material is not designed to hold weight in that manner, but the post spacing is usually sufficient to put a free standing hammock between the posts for the same look.
Can I hang plants on the cover?
We have "aluma-hangers" to hang over the beam on the solid covers, and the lattice covers have lots of places to use fishing line or soft woven straps. You wouldn't want to use anything that would scratch the paint.
Why do you use 6" flat pans on your solid cover versus the competition, who uses an 18" W-pan?
We think a 6" pan looks better on a residence. It has much more of a wood plank look.
What if I have existing post straps?
We will cut them off flush with the concrete, and in some instances can cover them up with our posts.
Will I need footings?
Only if you do not already have a standard 3 1/2" slab, or if you want a freestanding cover. On an attached patio cover we anchor the posts to the slab with red head anchors, eliminating the need for footings.
What if the wind does blow it down? Is that in the warranty?
That would mean that the wind limits were probably exceeded and an insurance claim would have to be filed. We would work with your insurance company to resolve the issue.
How does it stand up to the wind?
Our products are engineered for 90-110 mph winds. These ratings meet or exceed all city/county requirements.
Is aluminum hot? Does it radiate heat?
No. It reflects most of the heat. It would be warm to the touch on a hot day, but keep in mind it's approximately 8' away. The shade factor far outweighs any residual heat.

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