Patio Covers

Solid Flat Pan

6-inch wide wood-grained aluminum pans join and lock together to form a beautiful and durable patio cover with a limited lifetime warranty. Six colors and four decorative end cap choices combine to make your custom cover. Three piece support posts for strength and protection. Two-tone your cover for a distinctive look by having the body one color and the trim another! Add a fan beam to connect your outdoor fan for light and comfort

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Open Lattice

3″ x 8″ heavy duty header beams support 2′ x 6′ rafters topped by evenly spaced lattice tubes for partial shade over your patio area. Vary the look even more by choosing between 1.5″ x 1.5″, 2″ x 2″ or 2″ x 3″ for your lattice tube size. Six color options combined with four rafter end shapes allow for a complimentary look to your home. Same limited lifetime warranty as the solid covers.

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Insulated Roof Panel

Plans for an enclosure later? Prefer a wider panel look? Wood-grained or pebble-finished, four-foot wide insulated roof panels can be used to create a patio cover for any outside area of your home. Significant R-factor to keep from radiating heat from the roof of your cover. Add a fan or light without the need for an additional fan beam.

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The best of both worlds combine solid cover protection for four season use with more open areas of lattice architecture. Matching or complimentary color combinations can be used as a design feature for a special look individual to your home.

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Free Standing

Would you like to create a shade oasis not attached to your home? Any of our Alum-a-wood products can be constructed as a freestanding cover virtually anywhere in your yard. Appropriately sized concrete footings take the place of your concrete slab to hold the cover in place. Our Flat Pan Solid, Open Lattice or Insulated Roof Panels can then be used to construct the cover to your specifications.

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Match your two story architecture by raising or lowering portions of your lattice or combination cover for a custom look. Adding gable portions give dramatic license to your design by following or contrasting with the lines of your home.

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Equinox Louvered

A premium product designed to provide BOTH solid cover protection when needed and the airy openness of a lattice cover whenever you desire. Steel louvers open and close at the touch of your remote control. Finish with stucco or add Alumawood trim fascia and decorative ends for a truly distinctive look.

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Deluxe Standard

Our most economical shade cover. Durable w-pan construction. Supported by decorative scroll, or 3″ x 3″ aluminum posts. Can also be used to build you a custom size carport or open storage area. Whatever you need up to twelve feet high!

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Patio Enclosures

Gabled Room

Easiest on a two-story home, this design provides a much more open and elegant feeling with up to a 12′ peak height in the center of the room. Optional trapezoid windows at the gable end provide dramatic views!

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Garden Room

Personalize your room with more light by adding glass transoms above and/or below the windows in your wall construction to enhance the look of your enclosure without sacrificing strength or durability.

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Patio Room

Solid areas above and below windows provide a house-like feel in the most economical manner. Your costs are usually around half the cost of a room addition. Single or dual pane window construction allows you to cost the project to suit your specific needs.

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Sun Room

All glass and frame construction with a curved eave roof&a; true sunroom in every sense of the word. This room is completely filled with light and makes a dramatic statement.

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Screen Room

Invite only the guests you want to your patio & keep the insects out and obtain that open air feel by having us build a screen enclosure on your home. Quality construction, built to last with tough screening material.

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Under Existing Structure

Already have a deck or existing patio cover? Let us install our room enclosure walls underneath for an instant finished space. Choose Garden or Patio Style, height permitting. This design blends in and becomes a true part of your home!

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