“We love our view…we want to be able to see everything.” “I just like more light…can I have more light?” Many people have specific requests when it comes to adding to their home, and these are two of the most frequent. These are folks who love the idea of having the increased square footage that a Patio Enclosure would provide, but want to ensure that they can attain the exact look they want for their home…enter the Garden Room.

Glass transoms above and/or below the windows can add architectural interest as well as increase the amount of light coming in, brightening up your space and enhancing your view. Match the look of the house windows and allow the room to blend in and become part of the landscape, or contrast to make your room the focal point of your yard…

Rooms N’Covers provides a multitude of choices to ensure that your Garden Room is unique to your style and needs. Do you prefer the elegant look of grids in your windows, or full view clear glass to enhance your view? Maybe you’d like to add just a touch of difference with grids in the doors only? Take advantage of our years of experience our staff provides and let us build your space to fit your needs.

Color Options