A patio cover constructed with Insulated Roof Panels is the ultimate in appearance and durability. Four-foot-wide panels, in three- or four-inch thicknesses, provide a much more seamless finish for the overhead area while still providing a decorative wood grain texture.

Add a touch of flair with optional 12″ wide skylights to brighten up your new space! Designed to lock in tightly between the panels, there is no cutting and fitting like an aftermarket item. These are made to fit professionally and enhance the usefulness of your patio cover.

Reduced noise, minimal radiant heat, and a smoother appearance are just a few of the reasons to choose a patio cover built from Insulated Roof Panels. Perhaps the most important is that if you decide to enclose your space in the future, you’ve already bought the roof! This is the same product used in the construction of our patio enclosures…so your future expansion is already half complete!

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